Monday, January 18, 2010

100 days!

Hey, hey, hey!! So, we’ve reached a benchmark, I think. 100 days, and boy did the time fly. Its been an amazing time of joy, love, discovery, enlightenment, happiness and new-found contentment.

Up for another 100 days??

Friday, January 15, 2010

I made it!

So many resolutions, so many ideas, so many ambitions, so little time. Well, atleast I started doing one of them. And, that was to get my booty in shape.

Yesterday, en route home, I had every intention of getting home and jumping on the treadmill in an excited fashion to finally do what I know my body so desperately needs. Shoo, it’s been more than a year since I’ve exercised. Moving office was a bad idea, since then my walking time has been cut tremendously.

Anyhoo, no complaints. One must make-do with the situation at hand. So, as I neared home, sluggishness set it and the thought of the treadmill was floating away along with it. Getting out of the car, finally at home… my every intention had veered from seriously jumping onto the treadmill, to seriously jumping into bed.

Barely able to hold my laptop bag, much less move my feet transporting my body to bed, I saw my mom… whizzing away of the treadmill, looking overly energised and proud. I smiled and said. I was going to do that and before I could mention the word, sleep, my mom said: “Come, you up next!” I couldn’t deny the enthusiasm… Shukran MOM!

And, that was all the motivation I needed. So, I put my goodies down with some renewed energy and changed into my gym gear… something that hasn’t seen daylight for almost 18 months. It’s been way too long.

So, my turn came and I headed straight for it. Got on and pushed start, elevation 4 and speed 6. I was on my way. Only planning to do 15 minutes, I managed 20 minutes, walking 2km and losing just under 65 calories. I know its little, short and few, but I’ll get there.

This morning, I am proud to say I managed another 10 minutes, 1.1km, 41 calories and speed 7. Now, just to keep this up and I’ll be well on my way to getting the old Shaheema back… man I miss her. This new bod freaks me out…

Monday, January 11, 2010

3 Months Married!!!

Wowzes! Even I had to take a step back and realize how much my life has changed. And, best of all… I’m loving all the changes, every single one of them as well as getting to know my better half, even better.

So yes, time has passed, lots of time. Sorry, I didn’t know how to make my come-back as a married women… hehe, since I just left everyone out to dry right in the middle, or was it the end… whichever comes first.

Oh well, I’ve decided to forgive myself for not updating my blog as I would have like to, especially as it got closer to the wedding. Not that I needed to write down every thought at the time, I’m sure those memories will stay with me for a long time to come. And, to make up for it… I’ll update wedding stuff and whatever else I’d like to add to my blog – in time. I’ll move back, forward, be in the moment. But, one thing’s for sure, I have to have all the good stuff floating somewhere, in case I get amnesia some day and long for a trip down memory lane.

Jeez, what can I say. I’ve grown so much in so many ways. So much has happened and so much didn’t… hehe. I have new and added responsibility and I’m starting my second semester this month! So, I have to buckle up, it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride once again… and my only thought is “Bring it on!”

To my darling angel: Happy 3 Month Anniversary Snookums! As I said last month: “I’m looking forward to forever with you! Shukran for everything you do!”

And, I guess I should have taken your word Imtithaal… married life sure is busy!

Signing out…
Pledging to update blog more regularly.