Friday, November 28, 2008

Lots to do, lotsa thoughts and so little time

My goodness! Just realised! It’s been a whole month since last I blogged. Quite pathetic. But, I certainly cannot be blamed. The Universe is testing my patience, my strength, my perseverance, my motivation and certainly my dreams. But, I’ll keep on trying… I have to.

So much has been going on lately… Raafiek and I are still on a hunt for a suitable venue, my parents were away for almost two weeks which is always quite stressful for me as I’m left to attend to household amenities… which we all know is not quite my thing… or rather not something I can do. I’m not very domesticated. LOL!

But, guess what… on their trip away… I along with the help of my sweet cousins and dear Raafiek managed to plan a surprise party for my brother’s 24th birthday… and, and, and… I managed to cook at least once :) (hey, i'm chuffed ok). I made chicken and mushroom pasta… which I might add, was certainly not what I envisioned when I started cooking… but nevertheless, tasted divine.

Also, I did the washing! Something I found quite therapeutic, to say the least. Something I’ll certainly do again. My colleague, Steve, joked that I enjoyed it that much because it's not something I do very often… and that one day when I’m forced, my enjoyment will fade. Good point there. But, was fun for now.

And, also, much to my surprise and detriment… I managed to finish four dresses in one week! What a crazy week it was. Late nights and early mornings… shoo! Glad it’s over. One morning I was found dragging myself to bed at 03:45am… that can’t be good! But, the dresses where beauty to the eye… aaah! There’s my enjoyment.

Also, among all this insanity, my cousins (once again) :) came through for me at a fashion show we had last week… turned out quite nice! Thanks ladies… Gakiema and Shahieda – my greatest appreciation! And, to Madiga… for allowing me the opportunity! Shukran babe!

Aaah… what still… oh and work as well… been hectic. Finished off a publication too… busy finalising the 2nd last one… by Monday.. and then the final to go to print by 12 December… I’m bushed just thinking about it!

So, in one week… I cooked, did the washing, made four dresses, worked late to finish a publication, had a fashion show and still survived to tell the tale. That’s heavy! Not again… no thank you! (I’ll update individually with pics when time allows).

And, today as I walked down the steps at work I realised something… tomorrow will be exactly one year since my gran’s passing. Oh how I miss her! And, tonight… will be exactly one year since the last time I spoke to her in person. My heart’s a bit sad right now. I recall how I cried that night holding her hand sitting by her bedside… she told me not to cry and that she was just fine. I felt something different that night… Allah was ready to take her and I knew it. May she forever rest in peace and be close to Allah's Divine Mercy Always, Insha-Allah, Ameen! Love you Ma!

And, once again… my very sincerest thanks to Raafiek… who on that very fateful night took me to see my granny, just one last time! I love you!