Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bursting at the seams…

Wow! Right now I’m ecstatic, elated, over-the-moon, blissfully happy!!! I’ve just been accepted to study my MBA! Wow!

I’ve been wanting to do this for ages!! Since like 2005! And, today, just a few minutes ago, I was accepted onto the course! Man if words could ever exemplify how I feel right now.

Funny how it happened… I always wanted to do it… but put it out of my mind because at the time I just couldn’t afford it. Every year I would log on to the universities and colleges to check, but still I couldn’t.

A month after Raafiek & I officially started dating, we made a set of goals for ourselves which we would like to achieve. One of it was: To obtain my MBA degree before the age of 29. Well, I don’t think I’ll make it for 29, but I’ll be pretty close if all goes well. And, if it doesn’t, then atleast I know I tried!

Early in December 2008, I was working at home while listening to 567 CapeTalk… Redi Direko was having a chat with the President of Wits University talking about MBA and its benefits… Right there I sat reminded of the dream I have to do this. I jotted it down as the first thing to do the next day when I get to work: 4 December 2008: Check for MBA course.

The very next day when I got to work a Turkish colleague of mine was sitting in the desk next to me… in the desk which is usually empty and only filled every two weeks for a week at a time when our editor pops into the office. I can’t quite remember how the conversation started… I think Ayla (colleague’s name) said she would like to go and study and I said I wanted to study for my MBA, she said she wanted to do the MBA as well… we got chatting about it all day… excited, did research, made contacts with institutions, she got info from a friend… and before we knew it… we were engrossed in all the info and excited beyond belief!

So, at about 16:00 that afternoon, I finally opened my diary… only to find the listing I made the day before: Check for MBA course. I looked at Ayla and asked her if we chatted about it the day before obviously forgetting where I was. She said: “No babe, today’s the first time we speaking about it. You weren’t even here yesterday, you worked from home.” I sat baffled and managed an: “Oh, okay.” Clearly Allah had a hand in this…

So, we made plans… we were going to get our applications ready, get all the certifications from the police station, take the ID pics… get witnesses to sign, etc, and we were going to send off our applications in the week of 12 January. So, yesterday, with everything ready… we couriered our applications over-night (14 January)… at a ghastly fee, but nevertheless. And today, 15 January, we received a call to say we were accepted!! wHoopeee!!

So, ya, a tough year ahead… but I have to do this… and Algamdulilah… everyone’s supporting me, my parents as well as Raafiek. Shukran! So, Insha-Allah, whatever happens will happen.