Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I can feel Allah…

Today I thought of Allah! But, more than thinking I could feel His presence. A presence embalming me with serenity and tranquility.

I never thought 2009 could be any more challenging than what I envisioned before me… what with having to start my MBA, finally; marriage preparations and getting Smooches off the ground. But, nevertheless, I know it depends on how I view it. And, believe me, there is opportunity, if only I was brave enough to see it that way.

In and among all the madness, anxiety and sheer adrenalin that’s engulfed me lately… I feel a kind of stillness within. A kind of harmony unknown and long searched for. And, I know that can only be the existence of Allah. Why else would I be so content knowing that whatever my situation, I will succeed? Even though testing, I will try my utmost.

I chatted to Shahieda today, and my conversation with her just brought to the fore all I was trying to understand. How did I get to this place? When did I give up the control?

And, I realised, considering where I am I knew I couldn’t do this without the help of my Creator. At which point I relinquished myself completely to His Mercy knowing wholeheartedly that whatever was to cross my path, was at His Will and whatever was to be omitted, was at His will too and just not meant to be. And, in all that I will never understand, I’m only left to accept that it is so.

And, algamdulilah… with that I’ve learnt the true way to a blissful life. I’ve never been more at ease. Complete surrender. Utter brilliance. I love this feeling. Relinquish Yourself Completely. (I’m going to trademark the last three words!)