Friday, March 12, 2010

I am tagged…

So, Shahieda tagged me. These were the rules:

1. Go to your photo files… select the 8th photo folder
2. Select the 8th photo in that folder
3. Post that photo along with the story behind it
4. Then challenge 8 friends to do the same.

I tried to do this. But, as you all know, when it comes to pictures, my sanity leaves me and I become a slave to the camera. Firstly, choosing the actual file to use was a complicated mess, Shahieda knows all about it, but anyhoo… for a number of reasons I prefer not to get into right now… can’t let on how crazy I am... But, its okay, they know me here!

Here’s the picture which classified as truly the 8th folder and truly the 8th picture of MY pictures. And, sorry, i cheated a bit, couldn't resist adding some of my other favourites.

Oh! What a trip down memory lane. This is by far one of my most memorable and fun days. It was filled with serenity, calmness and a kind of contentment I could never explain. The day dawned beautiful, crisp fresh air, sunshine to melt hearts and I had 3 of my closest buddies with me.

This was shortly after I bought my car, so I picked them all up late on a Sunday morning, we headed to Nando’s for lunch. Lunch was good, perfect company, what more could one ask for. Thereafter, we took a scenic drive down the very well-known Cape Town attraction, Chapman’s Peak. I was having so much fun. The day was very chilled. Just relaxed and I enjoyed the time with the friends dear to me.

Not seen in the picture, is Abbas Regal. We met in my first year at Technikon. Quite a memorable year that was, as I also met my husband-to-be, Raafiek that year… but little did I know. Anyhoo, Abbas and I were really close friends, being 9 years older than me, I sought endless advice from him and we helped each other along difficult times our paths brought forward.

Nadia Dollie, seen on the right of me, funny enough, I also met in my first year at Technikon. She claims I looked rather lonely on campus the first day, so she couldn’t help but want to take me out of my misery. Hehe… so started a wonderful friendship. We spent many a day with each other, chatted, laughed and once again, were always there for each other. When we turned 25, we held a big bash together to celebrate the Quarter Century of our lives. Why do I always over-analyse things… just dawned on me… we kept the party 11 days from my birthday and 11 days to her birthday… and my wedding date was also the 11th – blessings in disguise hey. I miss Nadia, we haven’t seen each other in a while, and recently she’s ventured a lot into my thoughts.

Then there’s Imtithaal Dawood (then Philander), seen on my left. We met through work and immediately took a liking to each other. Before we knew it, we were out together at lunch, then weekends. We ventured along many paths together, from trying to build our spirituality, motivating each other, encouraging each other, to flying to the moon. (yip, even that!) We did so much together. Shared so much. She was there for me always, and we constantly kept in touch and abreast of what was happening in each other’s lives. We still do today, although we don’t see each other as often, the bond is still there. We’ve grown together in so many ways and I’m dearly thankful for having her in my life.

Back to the day... later we took a blanky out of the car, laid it down on the ground facing the ocean (what a breathtaking view!)… and the four of us lay, just chatting for hours till sunset came. We then took a slow Sunday drive home… everyone by themselves, left with the thought of a day truly light, refreshing and filled with the kind of friendship only existing between the four of us.

What a day!

The 8 friends I’m tagging are:

• Zenobia Langford
• Imtithaal Dawood
• Nadia Dollie
• Gakiema Ganie
• Shireen Burton
• Fouzia Sayed
• Tamlyn van der Horst
• Ruwayda Abrahams

Please do this and send your responses to

I look forward to reading.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

To Love Bellydancing

Today, after being frantically busy trying to complete my Economics assignment due tomorrow... yes, i know, Anyhoo, i decided to take a break and checked my gmail account.

I came across an email from my bellydancing lecturer announcing a competition. For 3 people who write the most inspiring short essay on why they love bellydancing, will receive two tickets to an event she performs at tomorrow eve! Oh boy, i so need that break-away! And, would love to see her perform again, as she did so glamourously at my Bridal Shower in October last year.

Below, my offering. Please hold thumbs! xxx

Also, please let me know your thoughts, and if you think my poem cuts the grade at all.

Happy shimmying!